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Founded by DeAndre Riley - D.R. Speaks, Man Up Empowerment, Inc. is a faith based non-profit (501 (c)(3) pending) that serves as an outlet for men's empowerment. 

Our primary goal is to uplift and empower men to live significant lives.  We will provide powerful examples for them, and make a positive impact on their lifestyles that will influence their family members, their surrounding communities and eventually the world at large. 


We will support and strengthen men in all areas of their lives by providing them with effective tools to build strong personal foundations, giving them the keys they need to unlock the hidden potential that God has placed within each of them, and by facilitating effective training that will enable these men to live lives of impact.  


In addition, we will provide resources that will aid in their personal development. 

We will accomplish these goals through Christian principles, as well as motivational and inspirational tools. Through the outlets we will provide, the men touched by our organization will become equipped to accomplish the purpose for which God created them.


We will also maintain contact with the men we serve by conducting monthly meetings, holding various gatherings and facilitating helpful workshops to continue to empower these men:

·       socially 

·       economically 

·       educationally 

·       in their relationships 

·       in their family lives 

·       and spiritually as well.


Click below to learn more about how you can get involved.

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