This is not your ordinary "success" book. In fact, it's quite the contrary.


Good Success: God's Blueprint for Successful Living, is the sophomore release by DeAndre Riley - D.R Speaks. This book will provide the insight needed to help you achieve the best success, that is Godly Success--Good Success. This book is a must read for anyone looking to experience more than the status quo. This book is for all who are desiring the God type of success. 

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Greatness is not simply defined by social status, fancy cars and elaborate homes—it is best reflected by the amount of people empowered, inspired, and pushed into their own greatness through the work and ambition of someone else. Everyone was born with greatness within—but it’s up to you to unleash it!  


The debut book by DeAndre Riley, Greatness Unleashed is sure to inspire and empower you to not only discover the greatness within, but to also unleash into the world, making a profound impact.

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