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Greatness Unleashed poem

What you are about to read is a poem inspired by my debut book release, Greatness Unleashed. This poem was written by my sister, who is a poet. This poem sets a great tone for the book. I hope that you enjoy.

Greatness Unleashed

A Poem by Danita Crosson

It started off as a seed.

With a spark, it started to breathe.

A taste of responsibility caused it to feed.

The seed of faith grew action and up sprung belief.

The power of vision is what caused me to see,

That with limitless potential, so much can be achieved.

Though most people thought I was only chasing a dream,

They hadn't been shown the things I'd seen.

Their doubt didn't stop me.

Perseverance saved me.

My attitude determined where God placed me.

A change was to come.

I adapted graciously.

I had been called into service and instructed to lead.

Inspired by relationships throughout my journey,

I looked forward to where I would soon be.

The impact of influence would guide m